1. Speed

     A detailed overview of the movement of our vehicles in all corners of Europe, gives our clients confidence in the safety of their goods. The firm´s logistics and special technology used gives us this detailed picture of the location of our vehicles across Europe. These days speed and access of information are of upmost importance, our system enables us to act swiftly and provide you with information about whether we can transport your goods, for how much and when within fifteen minutes.

2. An Individual approach

     ELUMA Trans Ltd. is staffed by a professional team familiar with all the latest laws on trading within the European Union and with all of the most recent changes influencing the exchange of commerce within the region.
   Our work ( the work of dispatchers) is about finding strategic solutions to the individual requirements of our customers. Specifying and then fulfilling these requirements means success for both our clients and our employees.
    We assign a professional assistant to each client so that we can provide the best possible service ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. The assistant provides the client with a full goods transport service during the entirely of our business cooperation. Thanks to this we guarantee our clients an individual approach, for the client this means better services and a better business relationship. We know the needs of our clients and therefore save them their time. Each member of the team is able to speak with clients in at least one foreign language (English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Polish, Czech, Slovak). All our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day regardless of their working time.
    Our professional working team provides high-quality services, a claim our many satisfied customers would vouch for. We are ready to tackle our customers´most rigorous demands and thanks to our experience and individual approach, are able to provide transport to all corners of Europe.

3. We help you exceed the limitations of what you can do.

    Our sophisticated communication system enables us to contact more than 4000 transport companies from all over Europe within just a few minutes. It is this which makes us one of the fastest and most flexible transport companies on the market regardless of destination weight and quantity of goods.
Always in the place you need us!
We offer:
  • willingness
  • reliability
  • punctuality
  • flexibility
  • modern communication and information technology
  • tailor made transport solutions
Contact us and we can guarantee you:
  • An individual approach to every customer
  • Insurance of goods according to the CMR Convention
  • Opportunity to be constantly updated about the movement of your goods
  • Satisfaction
  • Ethical negotiation
  • Exclusive prices

4. A complex goods transport solution

     Our twenty years of existence on the Slovakian market in the area of transport and haulage means that we are now a company with a solid background, stable structure, high-quality personnel and decisive leadership. As a freight broker we cooperate with nearly 4000 transport companies from all over Europe. We keep up regular contact with Hauliers so we are able to react flexibly to your specific demands. We also provide regular updates about the movement of your freight upon request. At present we have almost 700 Slovakian and foreign business partners from a huge range of industries and services, their ever - increasing number is testimony to the quality of our service as well as proof to our commitment of continuos improvement. 
We offer the following services:
  • Domestic road freight transport
  • International road freight transport
  • Haulage
  • Partial and full loads to the whole of Europe
  • Transport of ADR certified goods
  • Transport with cooling trailers
  • Transport of outsize  freight
  • Our team is on call around the clock
  • Notification of prices within 15 minutes
     If you wish to join our large group of satisfied customers, we will be glad to prove that you have made the right decision.
     We transport all kinds of freight for manufacturing and retailing companies from all over Europe. We are happy to provide references upon request.

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