Freight forwarder:

The freight forwarder pledges the customer that in his name and on the customer’s account, he will arrange transport of goods from one specified place to another. The customer pledges payment to the freight forwarder in return for the service.

A supplementary load:

is the addition of further goods to a vehicle already carrying a load. With this kind of delivery, the client does not usually pay for the whole vehicle but only for part of it.

Filled load space:

is the number of metres taken up by the loaded goods in a vehicle with standard width of 2.40 m. If the vehicle is narrower than 2.40 m, it is always essential to know the exact number and dimensions of the pallets to be loaded. This mostly applies to older trucks such as Avias, where vehicle width is only 2.20 or 2.35 m.


Wooden platforms and bases for transferring or storing goods. We mostly use the following 3 pallet types:

1. EWP euro pallet (1.20 x 0.80)
2. Industrial pallet (1.20 x 1.00)
3. IBCS (1.20 x 1.20)



An abbreviation for dangerous goods. If a truck is carrying dangerous goods such as explosives or inflammable substances, it must be issued with an ADR declaration which is the same all over Europe. The sender must decide if the goods require an ADR declaration or not and in the order form specify the type of ADR. The task of the trader is simply to pass on this information to the haulage contractor. Haulage contractors with specially trained drivers and vehicles equipped to carry dangerous goods know the different ADR categories and the nature of the dangerous goods (ADR goods are divided into 9 basic categories.

Outsize freight transport:

is the transportation of goods exceeding any of the following parameters: 13.6 m in length, 2.45 m in width, 3 m in height and 25 tonnes in weight.

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